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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing at Auriseg is done with a security exercise approach. Here are our cyber-security experts rollouts, to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in the organisations system. The purpose of this simulated attack is to identify any weak spots in a system’s defences which potential attackers could take advantage of.

This helps assess the effectiveness of security controls by simulating a real-world attack that mimics current adversary techniques. Penetration testing is useful for illuminating unknown security weaknesses that could result in a compromise. This helps our clients to find, fix, stop, and ultimately solve cybersecurity problems across entire enterprise and product portfolios.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing and security assessments test improve the security of your organization by pinpointing crucial weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your network.

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The Auriseg Advantage

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Advanced Penetration Testing

Auriseg’s team will leverage multi-faceted attacks simulating advanced real-world scenarios.

Attacks performed, tactics used, and results collected during these simulations are compiled into actionable reports that identify risk to your organization’s most valuable assets.

The comprehensive reports provide you with valuable and insightful information about the organisations security posture and the security awareness levels of employees, physical protection, blue teams and technology deterrents. This vital information is a crucial component toward measuring your overall security posture and helps pinpoint where security gaps need to be filled and where budgetary dollars should be directed.

Advanced Penetration Testing Flow

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Red Team

Engagements are an effective demonstration of tangible risk posed by an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). The Red Team practice vary from standard phishing attempts aimed at employees and social engineering to impersonating employees with the goal of obtaining admin access.

The assessors are instructed to compromise predetermined assets, or “flags,” using means that a malicious actor might utilize in a legitimate attack. These comprehensive, complex security assessments are best suited for companies looking to improve a maturing security organization. To be truly effective, red teams will cover all the tactics, techniques and procedures an attacker may use.

Red teams offer critical benefits, including a better understanding of possible data exploitation and the prevention of future breaches. By simulating cyber-attacks and network security threats, companies make sure their security is up to par with the proper defences in place.

Blue Team

The idea that you can better understand your defences by attacking them in a controlled environment is a long-established military principle. This idea is most expressed in the practice of “red teaming,” where an outside group of independent actors tests the systems or defences of a target organization to identify any existing vulnerabilities.

The blue team assessment lets you simultaneously evaluate and improve your team’s cybersecurity capabilities. During cyber security testing engagements, blue teams evaluate organizational security environments and defend these environments from red teams. These red teams play the role of attackers by identifying security vulnerabilities and launching attacks within a controlled environment. Both teams combine to help illuminate the true state of an organization’s security. The assessment report includes comprehensive information on how well your team, technologies, and processes can protect your organization from an attack and help you strengthen your defences along the way.



Bug Bounty Platform

An organization’s bug bounty program rewards researchers who report security issues. Security exploits and vulnerabilities are usually the result of these bugs, though they can also be caused by process flaws and hardware problems. Bug bounty platforms helps companies track down bugs in their software by utilizing a large group of hackers.

It allows them to make use of a greater number of hackers or testers than they typically could on a one-to-one basis. This decreases the likelihood of malicious hackers exploiting bugs that are found and reported to them. Companies may also benefit from good public relations. In an era when bug bounties have become more common, a bug bounty platform can indicate to the public and even regulators what kind of security program an organization has.

The trend is likely to continue in the near future. As an Optimum Security solution company, we have analyzed the bug bounty platform as an industry standard that every company should invest in. It is a good idea to implement a bug bounty program when there isn’t a backlog of identified security issues, when addressing those issues is in place, and the team needs additional reports.

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