Brand new Bell Witch Cave is an excellent karst cave situated in Adams, Tennessee, near where in fact the Bell Farm immediately following endured

While not a fundamental element of the first filed legend, the latest Bell Witch Cave in brand new 20th century turned a source off continuous appeal, trust, and you may age group away from lore. Modern-day graphic interpretations such as for the flick and songs have extended new come to of your own legend beyond the regional confines of Southern area United states.

The fresh new cave is approximately 490 legs (150 m) enough time. The latest cavern are personally possessed, and you will tours are provided during the summer days plus Oct.

That it cavern could have been associated with the haunting of one’s Bell Witch, a period when the fresh new Bell family are allegedly haunted by an organization today called the brand new “Bell Witch.” The new cave can be found into possessions immediately following belonging to brand new Bell family. Of a lot believe that if witch departed your family, she fled to the retreat on the cavern.

Throughout the kind of legend where the cave is actually looked, more youthful Betsy Bell and several out-of her family unit members choose to go so you’re able to discuss new cave. Because they are there, among boys crawled to your a hole and became stuck. A sound cried away, “I am going to score him out!” The brand new child considered hand gripping his feet, and he try drawn out from the gap. The fresh heading organization (nonetheless hidden), after that provided the students explorers an excellent lecture to the reckless cavern exploring

Black Annis

Black colored Annis, also known as Black colored Agnes, was a great boogeyman contour for the English folklore. This woman is believed to haunt the latest countryside from Leicestershire, residing a cave-in the fresh new Dane Slopes, which have an oak tree within its entry.She allegedly is out on the glens at night shopping for unsuspecting children and lambs to eat, next sunbathing their skins because of the hanging her or him with the a forest, just before sporting her or him doing her sides. She would arrived at inside properties in order to pussy individuals. Legend possess they that she put the woman metal claws to search into side of good sandstone cliff, to make by herself a property truth be told there which is labeled as Black Annis’s Bower. The newest legend contributed to moms and dads warning kids that Black colored Annis perform hook her or him once they did not function.


Cassandra is actually a strong witch whom is toward Witches Council. She guides an excellent coven that fits with the Witch Hill to have Halloween party ceremonies.

Cassandra directs Paula, a hit Witch, once Paul Thurston while making their existence unhappy while the the guy teased witches on his television program. She prohibits Minerva to tell Tabitha towards package. Whenever Minerva leaks the news to Tabitha, Cassandra sets a spell on Minerva’s taste buds in order that what you she takes tastes awful.

Afterwards, she declares the Witches Council have stopped the legislation facing mixed marriages. She produces a romance concoction thus Tabitha and you may Paul often slide crazy and get married, but in the end, she work the wedding ceremony for Dr. Bombay and his awesome mortal nursing assistant Gloria alternatively.


Ceridwen otherwise Cerridwen ( Ke-RID-wen) try an enchantress into the Welsh gothic legend. She are the mother off a good hideous man, Morfran, and you can a beautiful girl, Creirwy. Their husband try Tegid Foel plus they stayed near Bala River (Llyn Tegid) when you look at the north Wales. Gothic Welsh poetry refers to her due to the fact having the newest cauldron of poetic desire (Awen) additionally the Facts of Taliesin recounts their ingesting the girl servant Gwion Bach who’s then reborn due to their since poet Taliesin. Ceridwen is regarded by many modern pagans as Celtic deity regarding revival, conversion process, and you will inspiration.


Circe ( was an enthusiastic enchantress and you will a goddess in Greek myths. She actually is either a daughter of one’s god Helios and Oceanid nymph Perse and/or goddess Hecate and you will Aeetes. Circe are recognized on her big experience with potions and you will herbs. By making use of this type of and a miracle wand otherwise employees, she would changes the woman opposition, otherwise people that upset this lady, to your dogs.

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