Tahno earliest found Korra during the Narook’s Seaweed Noodlery just like the Avatar was on a night out together having Bolin


Korra very first came across Chairman Raiko if you find yourself wanting to get assistance to possess the newest Southern area Liquids Tribe throughout the making Liquid Tribe Municipal Battle, but the president would not offer military backing, angering Korra, accusing your to do little as the group experienced Unalaq’s community. Later, while you are Korra is actually talking to General Iroh about swinging vessels so you can this new Southern Pole so you’re able to launch a slip attack, Raiko arrived and you will warned her she try bordering toward insurrection, prompting new Avatar to declare that she hated him. [3]

Pursuing the Unalaq Drama, Raiko attributed Korra with the spirit vines overrunning Republic Urban area, claiming she got place the area inside an emotional condition. Despite this lady reminding the new chairman one she conserved the city and you will its inhabitants about Ebony Avatar, both remained toward poor terms whenever Raiko banished Korra while the he thought she is actually undertaking every single day crises, she left the town from inside the reserved frustration that have him. [20] However, even after the conflicts and you may Raiko’s ineffectiveness, Korra would not engage in Zaheer’s tip to overthrow all the world management, plus Raiko. [51]

14 days shortly after the girl defeat out of Zaheer, Raiko officially welcomed Korra back to Republic City, thanking her getting ending the newest Red-colored Lotus and you may apologizing for the method its dating got previously concluded. [12] Yet not, Korra generally disliked dealing with Raiko and you may try pleased whenever Zhu Li is decided on as chairman in his stead. [27]


Aggression instantly ensued between them as the Tahno and Korra made eye-contact with one another in the noodle bistro, resulting in Tahno dealing with the pair with his clique so you’re able to mock the latest Flames Ferrets and scrap-chat to him or her. Its earliest aggressive change place the fresh build because of their realize encounters, because Tahno continued to provoke Korra, each other don and doff the brand new professional-twisting occupation, hence irked the girl concise where she made use of his photograph because address habit. [18] [32]

Despite the persisted animosity towards the the other, Korra thought sorry to have Tahno immediately after Amon got taken his bending out, and you can she conveniently accessible to get Amon back towards the their part. [19]


Korra basic fulfilled Amon truly during the an Equalist rally when you’re seeking to save Bolin. She and you will Mako sneaked toward strengthening concealed due to the fact one or two and you will https://datingranking.net/tr/tagged-inceleme/ seen Amon providing his speech about the Equalist course. Korra is one another terrified and you will infuriated by the Amon’s terminology and you will display screen of electricity. Just after she and Mako saved Bolin, she briefly assaulted the brand new Lieutenant additional and you can escaped. The chi blockers was indeed about prepared to follow, but Amon averted him or her, stating that she are the perfect live messenger to inform the metropolis of their fuel. [31]

Next, Korra’s nervousness on Amon triggered the lady to begin with having nighting. Regardless of, she continued so you’re able to refute her concern with Amon, forcing by herself on the emotional dismay. When Tarrlok greet Korra to join their task push, she refused their invite, stating their airbending studies grabbed priority over anything; however, Korra is actually shirking work force therefore she you will definitely keep powering from her anxieties. Wanting to prove to by herself and everybody otherwise you to definitely she try unafraid of Amon, Korra fundamentally inserted Tarrlok’s activity push and later confronted Amon so you’re able to a one-on-you to duel into Aang Art gallery Isle. Here, she are ambushed because of the chi blockers and banged involuntary. Whenever she woke right up, Amon approached the woman personally. Korra are scared which he would definitely get this lady bending away, in the event he failed to, stating that doing so carry out merely make the lady an excellent martyr. The guy told her he got an idea, which he had been planning save the lady for past. Amon banged Korra unconscious, and when she awoke, she broke off when Tenzin appeared. [17]

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